“I don’t know what I’d ever do without you
From the beginning to the end
You’ve always been here right beside me
So I’ll call you my best friend
Through the good times and the bad ones
Whether I lose or If I win
I know one thing that never changes and
That’s you as my best friend”

These are the words that came from the dressing room of our bride, and lots of Wedding Photographers in St. Louis wouldn’t catch this… WE DID! And it was definitely worth hearing these happy lyrics being sung by her bridesma- I mean best friends. Following this wonderful moment was of course, tears from our bride. This was all just a pre-cursor to the day that was to come.

Porsha and Holland’s relationship is definitely one of zero conditions. The way these two look at each other, care for each other, talk about each other when they’re not around, and PRAY is indeed #Goals. Their smiles when they lock eyes is so inspiring. Its like they fall for each other again every single time. Beautiful!

With their wedding being held at Courtyard Marriott at Westport Plaza it was surely an easy win for the decoration. The colors and lights set an inviting mood for guests. One of my favorite parts of the ceremony itself was their pastor. This gentlemen really made sure to explain what marriage is; not just for Porsha and Holland, but for the guests as well. I think we all went away with a deeper appreciation for what the purpose of marriage really is.

Once the reception began it was non stop fun. Jokes from their MC, wonderful words from friends and The Couple themselves as well. And of course, dancing. I remember flips, smiles, mobbing out, go-go music, and a bunch of other things. Yup, it was THAT kinda party… FUN. Not to mention strolling with the deltas. It was really a bunch of fun, and I know the Hargroves and the rest of their family truly enjoyed themselves.

groom and groomsmen posing on balcony groomsmen posing in front of hotel members of Delta Sigma Theta strolling while bride watches before wedding bride's shoes and ear rings bride's god mother smiling while talking to bride bride smiling while brides maids sing to her brides maids singing to bride while she gets her hair done bride's dress hanging from ceiling bride stepping into dress with robe on matron of honor tying bride's dress matron of honor tying bride's dress bridesmaids helping bride put on heels bride and groom praying while leaning on wall bride and bridesmaids praying before ceremony bride being escorted down aisle bride smiling at husband during ceremony groom smiling at his bride during ceremony bride and groom taking communion during reception bride and groom during first kiss bride and groom kissing beneath veil bride holding boquet with picture of mother attached bride posing during session reception design set up reception decorations in St. Louis cake topper at reception cake table at reception bride and groom holding champagne glasses while kissing delta sigma theta at wedding singing holding pyramid Bride dancing in circle of friends

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