I know, there aren’t too many posts about myself. But hey, when you’re so blessed with work you get busy and put yourself second fiddle, lol.

Anyway, I celebrated my 27th birthday last week all thanks to my BEAUTIFUL WIFE. This woman got home, gave me a CRAP ton of gifts (got them boosts though) AND took me out. This is where I tell you where you need to go in St. Louis.

First, she took me to this awesome restaurant/bar called Bogalooo. Its a Caribbean cuisine spot with a cool vibe; oh and they have the BEST sweet potato fries in St. Louis… HANDS DOWN! Not to mention the swings at the bar, so don’t order too many drinks or you’ll fall over, lol! After that she took me to an old school themed arcade place with a bunch of different pin ball machines. It’s called Orbit Pinball Lounge; nice look, good drinks, and PLENTY of pinball machines. pretty cool place for a date!

After that we ended our night a Dave & Busters because I just HAD to get some more gaming in, lol!

Super huge thanks to my wife. I really don’t care to celebrate my birthday these days, but she still took the time to make me feel special for the occasion. Now THAT is love.

A competent wife, how does one find her? Her value is far above pearls. Her husband entrusts his heart to her, and with her he will have all he needs.” Proverbs 31

They’re not called “proverbs” no reason! 🙂

Enjoy some of the photos from our day out!


st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-2 st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-3 st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-4 st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-5 st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-6

Might have been time to put the camera away, lol!


st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-7 st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-8
st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-10 st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-11 st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-12 st-louis-wedding-photographer-birthday-celebration-13

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