Every once in a while this St. Louis Wedding Photographer gets to take a trip out of town to capture the love for a day. This time we headed out to Kansas City! It was such a pleasure shooting the Bentley wedding.  The fear of rain soon faded, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Two limos were parked outside, One for the bride, and one for the groom. They both wrestled with the temptation to catch a glance of each other before they said “I DO”. It’s a good thing they didn’t because the look of anticipation of the grooms face as the weddings party walked down, was priceless!

There wasn’t a dry eye in the building as the bride walked down the aisle. Her halo of flowers, and their purple and gold décor was so befitting as she kissed her now husband whom she refers to as her king. After the two jumped the broom the fun began!  The reception started and the wedding party completed their toasts. The groom’s aunt filled the room with warm thoughts of their grandparents, whom she believed would’ve wanted to gift them a honeymoon of their dreams! She handed over an envelope with an all-expense paid trip to the Virgin Islands!  Talk about a blessing!!

The DJ switched from slow jams to a more up-tempo sound and before you knew it, the kids crowded the dance floor in search of a good time. Family attempted to take hundreds of pictures but the two would always be found in private moments giggling and embracing each other. Their love was so pure and natural. For a second , they made me I want to walk across the room and kiss my wife.!

St. Louis Wedding photographer bridesmaid laughing in mirror

This bridesmaid was definitely enjoying the preparation!


St. Louis Wedding photographer bridesmaid holding hand up in camera

I guess she just wasn’t ready, lol!


St. Louis Wedding photographer flower girl getting hair done

The little ones get the attention too!


St. Louis Wedding photographer grandmother getting ready

All of the bride’s aunt’s were working HARD to make her wedding day work flawlessly.


St. Louis Wedding photographer mother preparing bride for wedding

It was so amazing to see how intent this mother was to make sure her daughter’s day was perfect.


St. Louis Wedding photographer bride looking excited while getting ready

And now the excitement begins to settle in!


St. Louis Wedding photographer groom standing outside of venue waiting to go in

The groomsmen couldn’t stand to sit inside the limo.


St. Louis Wedding photographer groom's reflection in limousine window

The groom as his right-hand man.



St. Louis Wedding photographer couple reciting vows at alter

The couple sharing their nuptials.


St. Louis Wedding photographer bride smiling at camera

Mrs. Bentley was smiling non-stop!


St. Louis Wedding photographer groomsmen having a toast

The groom sharing a few words with his boys.


St. Louis Wedding photographer bride and groom smiling

Plenty of happy memories as the couples listened to their friends share toasts.


St. Louis Wedding photographer bride and groom sharing a drink

Toasting to an amazing life!


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