St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Hey everyone!

Serving weddings is more than our artistic release to tell a love story of bride and groom, but it is also our way of keeping close reminder of why and how much we love our own spouses. These are the same stories you’ll be able to share constantly with your loved ones.

Just think, 50 years from you’ll be celebrating a half-century of marriage… SHEESH! Imagine sitting around the living room and opening up your photo album to share, like yesterday, with your great-grandchildren the story of your wedding day.

Having the joy of seeing their eyes light up as they get to live out the early days of the legacy YOU started. It’s THAT important. This is just one of the facets we have to offer our couples.

Not only as your St. Louis Wedding Photographer, but your St. Louis Wedding Videographer too. When something as important and long lasting like marriage becomes a topic, we want our couples to appreciate the value of love and passion that is frozen in our art.


I’m Anthony

I really love The Lord, My Wife… and making cool stuff 🙂

Oh, books and anime take up a good of my time too!

I’ve been a photographer for some years now, and as soon as I picked up a camera I have never looked back! I can’t wait to meet you and yours. I know your plans are all getting underway, and I’m looking forward to being a part of it all!


Our engagement session was so effortless, and the photos turned out amazing. Professional and passionate about what he does.

Kalvin & Penny

Nothing short of amazing! There’s no other photographer that I’d rather work with! My business is secured from here on out with H.L.S!

Holland & Porsha

Knocked our wedding out of the park! If you want excellent service, quality pictures, prompt delivery and an overall good time, then Anthony is your guy!

Kevin & Raven

I have never had the amazing experience like I did with Heavenly Love studios. Not only was it professional, but it was also a lot of fun!!

Larentz & Sherry

“What are your prices?”

I get this a lot when I first come into contact with my future clients. The short answer is collections begin at $1440, but our average client will spend around $3200. This isn’t asked for lack of having a good question, but simply because clients outside of the industry generally aren’t familiar. This is OK, actually, it’s a good thing; it leaves you open to learn, and become better educated on what will be best for YOU. Good, right?!


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